Cycling round the hilly block (of fields)

I live in a rural area where the only think flat thing is last weekends half finshed bottle of Coke. I’ve recently been feeling courageous and I’ve gradually been hitting more and more of the roads. I tend to ride somewhere between 5 – 10 miles as a result of the battering the hills give my fitness and knees. I would like to ride further but my fitness has some way to go yet. I’m normally intimated by hills but recently I conquered what I call the double trouble hill and after that I decided not to allow myself to be intimidated again (within reason).

Today I cycled by road a square route that took me to through a local village and back. The hill out of village is quite steep and you have four miles of hills to get there and three miles back. I’ve fancied conquering this particularly hilly route for a week of two and today I did. It will be interesting to see how my knees cope in the morning but for now I’m a happy boy!

After talking of inspiration in the post below I thought you might like to take a look at what this girl has achieved through cycling…

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