The window test…

For the last two years I’ve been counselling for an agency based in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast. I park behind the Belfast Telegraph and walk past the building on the corner opposite which houses the Federation of Small Businesses. It’s a modern corner building with lots of glass frontage. For the last two years I’ve looked at myself in the windows as I walked past. I used to hate it as it was a stark reminder of what shape I’d become. The shock of it never seemed to go away and sometimes it only felt like it got worse. I used to literally cringe as I suffered from the painful experience. (I found out through counselling that what I often seen through my eyes was a lot bigger than reality)

Today however, was different I looked in the window and it brought a smile to my face. I looked a stout stocky character as opposed to a bulging fat bloke who cared little for himself, what he looked like or what he wore. To be honest the window test was one of the things I used to dread, it was painful and it used to cut like a knife.

It felt good to pass the test today.

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