My weight today…

18st 3.5lbs

3.25lbs lighter than last week – 47.5lbs lighter than August ’08 (Just 2.5lbs away from losing 50lbs)

What a week!! I dropped a jean size to 38” and I’m now 3 sizes smaller than when I started. Along with that I realised I’m a stone lighter than I was at the tail end of my last campaign to lose weight. I feel that I’m now as it where caught up and in virgin territory. . I also won a competition on the Gyminee website which was a race to lose 20lbs – I’d recommend Gyminee to anyone, it’s a great motivational tool that focuses you…

THE BIGGEST NEWS is that I realised that my BMI had dropped below 40. I started with a BMI of 44.52 and was classified as “Very Obese”. After 7 months I’ve dropped 6 points and I’m now 37.72 and classified as “Obese”. This both very exciting and rewarding news. Thanks folks for all your support. (A BMI Calculator can be found here)

*Happy Mothers Day Mum!! xx

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