Being released – top tips learnt on the journey…

I’m surprised to say this but a few people have asked me for weight loss tips. Now I feel a bit of a fraud giving tips as really my weight loss is a lot to do with circumstances and common sense. I am no expert in nutrition nor exercise and I have intentionally gone about things my way. This is because I believe that it provides ownership and from ownership will come knowedge, motivation and sustainability.

By circumstances I mean that I have a dodgy gall bladder that gives enormous amounts of pain should it find fat in my diet. This automatically influences what I eat and how much. I am also fortunate enough to have a lifestyle that allows me to exercise a lot.

However as a thank you for your loyal support I’ve decided to write a series called “Being released – top tips learnt on the journey” These should be published on a Wednesday with the first one tomorrow. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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