Reviewing my exercise regime…

For the last number of months I have majored on variety and convenience and it’s worked well. At the core has been

· Swimming – 32 lengths (Half a mile), focusing on gradual increased use of front crawl. 1 – 2 times a week
· Gym – 1 hour on various cardio machines maintaining 150bpm (80%) & light weights. 1 – 2 times a week
· Stationery bike (home) – 30/40 minutes maintaining 150bpm (80%)
· Walk – 30 minutes
· Cycling – 1 hour for 9 – 10 miles

There is no set pattern other than I train 5 times a week and Wednesday and Sundays are rest days. I aim for 1 – 2 sessions each of swimming and gym but it really depends on what my working week looks like. I think it’s a fair reflection to say that I’ve now been successful in getting to a reasonable level of fitness but I’m now wondering what the next level is.

For guidance on this I’m looking to my long term aims and these are as follows

1. I would like to have good muscle tone across my body
2. I would like to cycle 30 – 40 miles a time on roads
3. I would like to go cross country on my mountain bike. (Inc mountains)
4. I would like to be able to swim 30 lengths in 15 – 20 minutes
5. I would like to have a high level of stamina and strength throughout my body

I also know what I don’t want and this includes

* I don’t want to burn myself out
* I don’t want to loose focus on weight loss
* I don’t want muscle bulk unless it fits with a purpose
* I don’t want strength without stamina
* I don’t want to feel continually obliged to do one type of exercise (boredom)
* I don’t want to inflict injury

I’m naturally drawn to cycling and swimming but I also enjoy the gym in moderation and walking. I have little or no interest in running although as I get lighter in weight that may change. *
So how do I get to achieve the magic 5 outlined above – I’ll get back to you shortly once I’ve developed the plan and taken advice. It’s perhaps time to reacquaint myself with “The Advisor”.
Talk to ya soon…

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