Goals & rewards…

10 goals for the next year of the journey…
1. Get the confidence and fitness to take a spin class
2. Beat my record of losing weight for 12 consecutive weeks in a row
3. Walk up Slieve Croob without my heart passing 160 beats per minute
4. Get fit enough to cycle 30 miles (outdoors) a week
5. Lose 4 stone to weigh 16 stone over the next 12 months
6. Treat my body with more respect and find a physio for longstanding injuries
7. Improve my fitness to swim two miles a week – a mile a session
8. Maintain a permanent ban on chips, crisps, chocolate and ice cream (The big bad 4)
9. Link my faith to the journey more
10. Listen more to the positive voice within myself

Rewards along the way…
1. For a year of successful dieting and exercise I’ll consider purchasing gym membership (August ’09)
2. At 18 stone replace major parts of my wardrobe
3. At 16 stone I will fulfil my dream of going scuba diving

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