My measurements (Personal stats)

Neck = 17 Inches (Same as April ’07, an inch smaller than Oct ’06)
Upper Arm = 14.5 Inches (Same as April ’07, 1 inch smaller than Oct ’06)
Fore Arm = 11.5 Inches (0.5 inches smaller than April ’07, 0.5 inches smaller than Oct ’06)
Chest = 47.5 Inches (0.5 inches smaller than April ’07, 5.5 inches smaller than Oct ’06)
Stomach = 56.5 Inches (0.5 inches smaller than April ’07, 2.5 inches smaller than Oct ’06)
Waist = 45 Inches (Same as April ’07, 5 inches smaller than Oct ’06)
Thigh = 23 Inches (5 inches smaller than April ’07, 6 inches smaller than Oct ’06)
Calf = 18 Inches (1 inch bigger than April ’07, 1 inch smaller than Oct ’06)

The last time I did this was over 18 months ago (April ’06) shortly before I put all the weight back on that I had fought do hard to lose. If I’m honest I was very reluctant to do this over the past few months as I felt physically enormous and wanted to protect the motivation and momentum I had gathered. However, it’s the New Year, the first milestone has been reached and I’m now looking to utilise all the signs of progress along the way that I can find.

The first time I did it (October ’06) I was at the very start of this journey and my stats reflected a body that had been let go for many years. I was at the height of my obesity and my fitness was at its lowest. So it was with a weird mix of trepidation and anticipation that I recorded my current stats and compared them to April ’07 and October ’06.

What can I say I’m delighted!! The only limb that has increased in size is my calf and given the fact that I’ve been majoring on indoor cycling of late it’s to be expected. Without exception everything else is either the same or smaller. In fact 50% of limbs measured have seen a decrease. This is strange in a way given the fact that I’m now the same weight as I was in April ’07.

Perhaps the answer can be found in the training I have been doing. In April 07 I was focusing on cycling and walking. Whereas this time I’m swimming at least once a week, visiting the gym at least once a week (for the cross trainer) and training in my garage once or twice a week (indoor cycling). The reduction in my thigh of a full 5 inches is colossal. I think it’s fair to put that down to swimming and cross training. In fact I think I can safely say that this has been a massive endorsement of my training regime. I’ve found a routine that’s working and I’m going to stick with it and continue to make realistic goals to aim for.

My encouragement is for those on the same journey to do the same and find a format of exercise that works for them. We are all individuals and what interests you might not me. I was careful not to train too vigorously as I’ve done that before and burnt out very quickly. The answer is to be found in small progressive steps.

Happy new year!!

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