Be careful who you take advice from…

Today I went to see a consultant about my gall-stones. As could be easily predicted the issue of my weight came up early into the appointment. He underlined the fact that over weight males in their thirties are the hardest to operate on as the gall balder is difficult to get to as a result of where their fat stores lie. This then lengthens the operation time, may mean damage to other organs, and may put additional strain on the heart. A fair enough comment I thought and another motivating factor to continue on with my journey. That is until he suggested that I should ideally have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 18 before surgery took place. He was unhappy with my target of 16 stone and suggested that it should be more.

Now granted it is a sensitive issue for me but it felt like he had taken the last six months progress and ripped it up. It felt like he was some primary school teacher saying “Not good enough – must try harder”. I must admit I took it hard and went home a defeated man. Then a wee voice told me to do some research into BMI as having read a little about it in the past his advice wasn’t making sense to me. My research revealed that first of all that I had a BMI of 41. It also revealed that the BMI isn’t an accurate tool and doesn’t take into account people with a muscular or larger frame nor an athletic one. But the jewel in the crown was revealed when I realised that to have a BMI of 18 I would have to weigh in at 9 stone nearly 11 stone lighter than I currently am. My dad is slightly built and he weighs in at 10½ stone. What would I have to do and what would I look like to get to 9?

So the conclusion is to not go with my initial thoughts of lowering my daily calorie intake to 800 and train twice a day. Instead I’m going to continue to do what I’m doing building my fitness as I have been with the goal of joining a cycling club. If I start to cycle decent miles three to four times a week I believe the weight problem should look after itself. The main thing being that I will be enjoying myself. So folks my suggestion is that because a person has many letters after their name and is paid a fortune may make their advice accurate but might not make it helpful.

*Should you be keen to figure out your BMI here is a good website to do so with. BBC Body Mass Index calculator.

One thought on “Be careful who you take advice from…

  • 7th December 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Absolutely Peter, keep ‘er lit, you’re doing flippin brilliant! According to the BMI thing I’m not far off being overweight – my BMI is 23.06, I keep telling myself it’s muscle haha!


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