Creativity & Variety…

I was looking down through this blog when it struck me how creative I’ve been at times. Creativity to exercise and diet brings variety and variety helps ward off boredom. This week I joined Dromore Community/Leisure Centre which was offering family membership for £25!!! No not £25 a month but indeed for a year. A deal not to missed as it means that I can gain access to their gym for £3 instead of £5 with discounts like that applying to every gym in the council area. Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time and spent 30 minutes on the cross trainer and 30 minutes on the bike. I also did a few weights and 3 sets of sit ups. It was good to train somewhere new!
I also read a wee article recently in a sports magazine which suggested having 6 meals a day at 300 calories each. The idea being that you have 3 meals at the usual times and a snack in between each. The purpose and theory being that it keeps your metabolic rate going and stops your body from thinking that its starving. I’m not getting too ridged about it but I have reduced the size of my portions, continued to reduce unhealthy and fatty foods and have increased the frequency of my meals. We shall see over the next month if it has an influence.

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