A confession of sorts… (Part One)

Over the last two weeks I’ve continued to be ill. In one of my last posts “Strange but in keeping” I talked about a weird and painful evening I had two weeks ago. The news is that since that point I’ve had 3 blood tests taken, been on a course of 3 differing anti-biotics at once, had an ECG (heart test) and a couple of visits to casualty in between.

The fact is that no-one knows exactly what is wrong yet but the suggestion is that I have either gall-stones or an ulcer(s) or both. Trust me reader you don’t want either of these conditions as the pain and discomfort I’ve been through has been considerable.

Imagine that you have been run through by a large sword and the sword has not been removed. Imagine your gut is being ripped out through your feet every time you take a step or two. Complement this with the sensation of your lung ripping in two every time you take a deep breath, hiccup, or sneeze and that about describes it. Funny as it was to observe, the pain was so severe that my body stopped itself from sneezing at mid point. In summary it’s not to be recommended.

As a result of all of this I have followed advice and radically reduced the fat content in my diet. When you blend this along side throwing up and having the trots, weight loss did not take a lot of effort. So if you have lost two pound over the last two weeks and are jealous of my six don’t be I’d rather be in your shoes.

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