Strange but within keeping…

Friday night (two days ago) came and as always it was hectic with the activity of taxiing kids to clubs etc. It had been a day were I had been very tired (problem one) were I had let my mind be consumed with fears (problem two) and were I had let myself eat a lot of old junk (problem three). So with time being off the essence and with the guilt tripping me from eating junk I rushed out to the garage and squeezed in a set of weights. I then rushed into doing the youth club run and after had a very late junk orientated tea (problem four).

3am Saturday morning came and I woke up to a severe pain at the bottom of my rib cage. 4am came and I couldn’t take it any longer so I took some pain killers which didn’t help. 5am came and I started to vomit for king and country (Nice detail dad 😉 I put it in just for you)

All day Saturday (yesterday) I felt very sore and was on the brink of taking myself to casualty on more than one occasion. That said I took myself to casualty this time 11 months ago and ended up spending a week in hospital with meningitis.

What’s wrong with me? Is it an ulcer? Could it be a pulled chest muscle? Or even a hernia? Or dread I even think about it something worse… Who knows but I’ll be ringing my doc tomorrow to make an appointment as if I’m honest this is perhaps the third time this has happened in 18 months. So as with my last campaign to lose weight my body reacts with a weird injury or strange illness. Strange but within keeping…

I once had an old lecturer who had been over weight all his life. Under pressure from his doctor he started to lose weight and with that came a sizable stroke. His humorous reflection was that it may have been better to stay fat – sometimes I know how he felt.

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