Exercise & today…

A long time ago in the early 90’s there was an advert that Nike used. It followed two fella’s throughout a day. One went for a run and the other thought it. I can’t remember exactly how it finished but I think it showed how the day ended for both of them with one saying “today I ran” and the other saying nothing. Of course the advert then finished with the famous slogan “Just do it!”

This advert and the wisdom within it has always stayed with me. I used to use it whilst taking seminars on admin for newbie youth workers. The lesson being to “Just do it” before it gets on top of you. However the exercise slant is now very relevant to the season I’m in. It’s especially helpful when I’m struggling for motivation. Do I want to finish the day with regret that I didn’t exercise or with pride that I did?

Last night I went to bed deciding to give my press ups a miss, today I regret that as it means that my goal of being able to do 25 – 50 is now a day further away.

Just do it!

Ps. Its not the advert I was talking about but it’s good all the same!

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