It’s back to my gym I go…

Over the last year my garage has become a dumping ground for allsorts of stuff and as a result my wee mini gym was lost under the junk. Last week Jane grew tired of me banging on about how we needed to sort it and along with Wilson cleared it out. For this I am very thankful as my gym is not only visible but now fully operational. So much so that yesterday I used it for the first time since May 2007 when I over did it and burst my boiler as I called it at the time!!!

I went easy on it with 20 minutes on my bike and some light weights but it wasn’t long before that voice urging me on was heard. Thankfully I ignored it as if it hadn’t I would have started were I left of over a year ago and today I would have been written off! *

I cant wait to get back into the rhythm of using this stuff – its great to be back!

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