Time for action complemented with a big dose of patience

This summer to be fair has so far seen a brave bit of exercise. There has been the cycling in June and early July and lots of walks in Donegal during mid to late July. Early August has seen the reintroduction of swimming to my life and along with the odd forest walk as discussed yesterday. Of course all of this has been complemented with cleaning lots of windows for a living which is a great upper body work out.

I’ve enjoyed all of the above but as usual I can feel a monster inside myself wanting to push harder. I want the body of an athlete now and total fitness yesterday. For some reason I’m ignoring the fact that I am failing to give my body time to adapt and grow fitter. This then results in a boom and bust experience which will last a max of 2 – 3 months and will leave quite a negative scar that will take months to recover from.

I’ve only swam 3 times so far and my fitness levels are such that a length of front crawl is a major piece of cardiovascular exercise. Here is an example of how I’ve been pushing and pushing too hard. The first time I went out I did 25 lengths of breast stroke and I was shattered for the next two days. Then a week later I changed the regime to every 1 in 5 being front crawl and then yesterday I changed it to one in 3. I can already here a voice challenging and pushing me to aim for 50 lengths! Yet I know whilst I could do it now I’d be shattered for 3 – 4 days an experience I can’t afford and which risks putting me off returning to swim again.

This time I want to not only exercise my body but exercise my maturity. I want my fitness development to be sustained and gradual and for that I need patience and self discipline.

One step and one day at a time big lad – lets have no acts of self sabotage – slow down and enjoy!

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