A rethink, new look and new start!

To be honest I thought that this project was dead in the water for many reasons (some of which can be found in the comments I made under the last post however) I recently have had a rethink.

“Counselling has taken me to a place were I need to consider if the evidence is pointing towards an eating disorder. If I’m honest this scares the heck out of me and I’m not sure just how public I want to be about it. Maybe it’s just a big dose of courage that I need as these days it seems to be in short supply…”

The above quote comes from a comment I wrote in April on this blog. It still pretty much sums up how I still feel however a big dose of courage has arrived and I’m ready to record the next part of the journey. I believe that the evidence does point to me having an eating disorder having read more widely into it. This brings an avalanche of feelings and fears but if I want to experience life to the full and I do I need to act and act now.

Lets journey on.

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