My name is Peter and I am a …

This week I have been reading some of the book below. It was recommended to me by my counsellor. The title sounds very dramatic and I’m unsure of the use of the word addict but as I’ve read through it a lot of it rings true with my experience.

I’m not sure I buy into all that they suggest however I have experimented with some of their ideas and found them to be helpful. They suggest that two of your daily meals should be carbohydrate free and the third should have average carb content.

Inspired I managed to do just this on a number of days this week and found that my cravings for food were dramatically reduced. Interestingly I also found that when I didn’t manage my carb intake my food carvings and intake went through the roof. I am pleasantly surprised by my findings and it has spurred me on to read more.

I also exercised once this week. I do however doubt that I have lost weight this week as there were a number of slips.

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