2007 was the year that…

…I started the first six months well and then blew up…

…I learnt that to pace myself on the exercise front (Some is better than none)

…I learnt that my weight problem is not just linked to the balance sheet of what I eat verses what I burn off; there is other psychological and physiological factors.

…I discovered impatience is one of the biggest enemies of weight loss.

…I realised that weight loss and exercise need organization and intention.

…In the process of exercising regularly I moved from disliking exercise, to seeing it as a necessary evil, to enjoying it, to regularly challenging myself with it.
…I started to develop sporting ambitions like joining a cycling club someday, running 5 kilometres, and hill walking.
…I noticed my self esteem is building as I started to fit my clothes better.
…I noticed that when regularly exercising me no longer suffered from a sickening tiredness I had often been victim of.
…My irritable bowel syndrome was nowhere near what it was and my acid indigestion had all but disappeared.
…My blood pressure remained at a continually healthy level with regular exercise.Obesity started to fascinate me especially the psychology behind it and its physical impact.

…Setting targets came with mixed blessings.

…I started counselling for my weight.

…I learnt that I have a problem with anxiety and so use food as a comfort.

…I suspected I have developed a dependence on the adrenalin and sugar rush I get with over eating.

2 thoughts on “2007 was the year that…

  • 2nd January 2008 at 11:02 am

    That’s a lot of self realisation mate. A fruitful year in that respect no doubt. It also must be hard realising somethings about yourself and then (even worse) havin gto try and do soemthing about it.
    You remind me of the man talked about in scripture; there are some who look at themselves in the mirror and straight away seeing who they are turn away and forget what they saw. Whereas you seem to plunge inside of yourself, not the prettiest place for any of us to explore. It’s the man who looks within that has the heart of God.

  • 2nd January 2008 at 11:08 am

    Thats a lot of self realisation there mate. A very fruitful year on that basis no question.

    Im reminded of a verse in scripture where it talks about those who never act on what they are confronted with. It says they are like the man who,after viewing himself in the mirror, turns away and goes off forgetting what he just saw. Whereas you act. You plunge deep inside yourself, not the prettiest place for any of us to explore. That’s brave. It’s the person who looks within that has the heart of God.
    Keep it up, this journey of self discovery perhaps has been more of a success (spiritually rather than physically) than you realise.


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