During the bank holiday weekend an old demon popped its head up and said hello. For now we will call it greed. A friend of mine who has recent started the journey towards recovering from alcoholism once described themselves by saying that they were a greedy drinker. Every bottle needed to be finished and every opportunity needed to be taken without compromise nor distraction. Perhaps an obvious observation for an alcoholic to make but it struck me at the time and never left me. I too am greedy but with food, yes it’s more socially acceptable than my friends plight but I think that that sometimes works against me.

I’m ashamed of it but there are times when my eating is out of control as the desire for the comfort food brings cracks its whip apon me. Even whilst eating I’m thinking about increasing the quantity of what I’m munching on and when where and what the next opportunity will be to eat. Thankfully this has decreased recently but my experience over the weekend rang alarm bells and told me that this particular demon had not gone away.

It’s very easy to get caught up into the exercise regime and the challenge to lose pounds, its fun and it ain’t that personal. The truth is but the greater challenge lies in changing your mind set and that is something I am not paying enough attention to. If I don’t want to return to being 22 stone having lost all the weight I’m going to have to!

2 thoughts on “Demons…

  • 21st May 2007 at 7:54 am

    Hi there!

    I’ve been following/sharing your journey (having lost 2st 2lbs) and this particular post SHOUTED out to me!

    I love exercise but I think the main reason for my success has been the change in my diet. Lately though, I’ve let this slip and I’m finding it very hard to get back on track. It’s all or nothing with me – the minute I have a ‘treat’, I loose all control, I can’t stop at one bite or one packet of something.

    If you learn how to tackle this, please share it!

    By the way, I love your blogs, they’ve been very encouraging! Keep up the good work!



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