I burst my boiler…

After that little workout described in my last blog I burst my boiler… Tuesday I was shattered beyond repair and Wednesday I wasn’t much better. So I didn’t exercise and quickly after the bank holiday weekend creep in and my food intake went through the roof. All said and done it was a full week of the wagon!

I weighed myself on Monday and would you belief the scales told me that I had put just short of 8lbs on…

However, yesterday seen my return to form spurned on by the introduction of “The Advisor”. Their identity much like “The Stig” on BBC’s Top Gear will remain a secret but from here on in they are my mentor on all issues health and fitness related.

I’m glad to announce that I weighed myself today to find that I was only 1.5lbs heavier than last week… the relief was immense.

Being Considered: A weekly post strictly for recording my daily exercise regime and maybe diet content.

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