Reviewing the strategy and progress (Part 4)

Targets – Having thought about it now that we are the other side of Christmas I need achievable targets made up of small steps. Its been a mistake to publish these three alone;

*Below 21st for Christmas ’06
*16st for Summer ’07
*14st for Christmas ’07

So my targets now look like this;

*31st January – below 20 st.
*28th February – below 19st.7lbs.
*31st March – below 19 st.
*30th April – below 18st. 7lbs.
*31st May – below 18 st.
*30th June – 17st 7lbs.
*31st July – below 17st.
*31st August – below 16st 7lbs

Getting below 20st for the end of the month will take some doing but I thought it was worth a shot!!

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