Reviewing the strategy and progress (Part 3)

Well it’s been 2 months since I started and if I’m honest I was hoping to have lost more than the 9lbs I have. Having said that, let’s remember that Christmas stretched over two weeks of that. I am particularly proud of my track record on exercise (pardon the pun). For those eight weeks and including the Christmas period I exercised 3 times a week for the first six weeks and for the final three five times a week.

However, I’m now at a junction were I need to decide what I’m training with and for. My theatre of pain now includes the following instruments of torture;

*Weights bench
*Bike trainer
*Swiss ball
*Heart monitor

I haven’t made my mind up on the challenge to cycle Ireland although those near and dear to me from my father to wife all think it’s a good idea. I suppose my fear is of what may happen if this is raising the bar too high, after all the challenge is to cross Ireland in eight days meaning cycling 60 miles a day. What a psychological blow and crisis of morale it would be if I got to September and wasn’t fit enough. Or if I got injured (and then as would be typical of me throw the baby out of the bath water) and stop all together.

The most important thing for me is to lose the weight and adopt a healthy and permanent lifestyle as I do. I don’t want to loss sight of that or damage my chances through playing with fire. However, I’m still undecided I may yet go for it.

So what does my weekly exercise regime look like? Here it is…

Stamina: – 40 mins stationary cycling @ 120 – 140bpm (Heart beats per minute)
Weights training


Aerobic: – ie Hill walking / road cycling (40 mins)
3 sets of 15 sit ups

Stamina: – 40 mins stationary cycling @ 120 – 140bpm
Weights training

Aerobic: – Hill walking / road cycling (40 mins)
3 sets of 15 sit ups


Stamina: – 40 mins stationary cycling @ 120 – 140bpm
Weights training

It needs tweaked in places and if I’m honest I feel to a certain extent out of my depth. I need to decide what my goals are and what I want to achieve. Weight loss is the first priority but after that what is my focus. Off the bat here’s what comes to mind.

*I want to be fit enough to climb Slieve Donard with my Dad and not be punctured either during or after it.

*I want to be able to cycle 30 miles of any stretch of road and not be beat by it.

*I want my body to have a respectable shape.

More analysis to come…

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