Reviewing the progress & strategy (Part 1)

It’s time to review my progress and strategy. On the whole I’m happy with my progress so far. I’m especially happy with the tangible benefits such as better fitting clothes and the realisation that I can indeed move from the desire to do something to the realisation of progress. Certainly there’s times when I’m dead beat and I question the advice that exercise gives you more energy but there’s times when I’m high on life and endorphins and I love it. I love thinking on how much fat, salt, calories etc I’ve missed out on and I love getting on the scales and seeing that I’m lighter. So on the whole it’s pretty upbeat and I’m enjoying the process,

So what should I tweak or change? Check in later this week to find out….

Ps. I haven’t as yet written about the rewards I’ve lined up for each stone I lose under 20st, remind me to do so… it’s pretty cool…

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