4 down 6000 to go…

What a week it’s been. Illness hit like a tidal wave as my chest cold escalated and a virus knocked me literally off my feet. Yesterday I was a total corpse barely able to open my eyes at times… On the exercise front I managed only one walk of twenty minutes early on in the week and whilst for the majority of time I stuck with the diet I did have one or two minor slips. All in all a fairly frustrating week were I failed to get any studies done and for a second week in a row failed to get out on my bike. I miss it!! On the upside I did lose 4 pounds but I wonder if that’s more down to an incredibly rapid loss of fluids and will quickly return.

Well that’s it for now, I realise that it’s been fairly downbeat even with the lose of 4 pounds (which by the way takes me in my Christmas target territory) however I now face the challenge of writing 6000 words in three days along with the associated reading.

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