Reluctant & sceptical

These two words would describe my view of calorie counting and diet plans. I want to live my life normally and without thinking whether I have too much carbs in my diet and not enough protein etc. That said, I think that I need to get over myself and face the facts that to live the healthy life I want to ignorance will no longer do.

I decided to try an online calorie counter. This is a difficult thing to find free and yet still done well, a fact that frustrates me and questions my faith in the common good of humanity. However keen to move on and realise progress I joined one ran by Tesco of all people for £3.99 a week. I’m taking comfort from the fact that I can cancel my subscription after my trail period but to be honest I’m starting already to wonder if I did the right thing, only time will tell.

Wiggy wrote an article recently stating that Tesco was trying to take over the world and was indeed the Antichrist. I’ll let you know if my adventure unearths any further evidence of this…

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