A mixed bag…

What a mixed bag of fortune this was. First of all we lost our measuring tape hence missing yesterday’s deadline. Then we realised that we weren’t exactly sure were we measured from on certain limbs last time. For example were exactly should a thigh be measured from the top or middle? And were did we take the measurement from last time? Anyway, we have decided on measuring points to go with and here’s how they read. There is some advancement but then was it taken from the same place as we did last time, who knows. Sometimes I feel like the publishing of stats is making a liar out of me. Honestly, I am trying to be accurate and I am trying to loose weight. However, 4 weeks and 1 pound isn’t exactly impressive stuff never mind some of those measurements. It’s all down to patience and persistence. This really is a journey of learning and I want to thank Jane for all her patience!!

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