Modifying the Christmas target…

It’s hard to know what to think about this week’s result. Don’t get me wrong I’m delighted to have lost a pound especially in a week were I had a chip supper for lunch on Monday and attended a birthday party on Sunday. However what does it mean for my Christmas target? Is it possible to loss a stone in 4 weeks? Should I change the target from 20.5st to below 21st?

It amazing how my mind works, sometimes it feels like it’s not on this journey and would prefer to see me fail or give up. There is a train of thought within me that says “Well if I can’t reach my Christmas target what’s the point, would I not be better to give up until after Christmas is over?” What nonsense!! It’s with regret that I admit I have listened to and acted on this kind of thinking in the past. It amazes me how I have allowed it to go unchallenged and to fail to notice that it totally bypasses all health bonuses I will receive by sticking with the diet to Christmas. Anyway where is this sole obsession with losing weight taking me, it’s a change of lifestyle I’m after and losing weight is simply a side effect.

From a motivation point of view I think that it is advisable to modify the Christmas target in the light of the past few weeks and so it will now stand at under 21st.

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