My stats…

As I was saying in an earlier post I jumped on one of those machines found in a chemist that measures your vitals for £1… here’s what mine were on the16th November!

My Weight = 21st 10.9lbs / 138.3kg (Remember I had my clothes on)
Normal Weight = 9st 6lbs – 11st 10.2lbs

My Height = 5ft 8.1inches / 173cm

My Blood Pressure = 151mmHg/92mmHg
Normal Blood Pressure = 129mmHg/84mmHg

My Fat Index = 46.9% (Machines Estimate)
Normal Fat Index = 17 – 23%

My Fat Mass = 10st 2.8 lbs (Machines Estimate)
Normal Fat Mass = 15.1 – 22.0kg

Body Mass Index (BMI) = 46.2kg/m
Normal BMI = 20 – 24.9

To be honest I find some of these figures interesting and a little scary! However, it is of encouragement to know that my blood pressure has reduced since this reading. Let’s just keep on keeping on!

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