Give & take away…

Yesterday morning Jane and I went for a 2 mile walk and then after got a lot of niggly things done and some Christmas shopping. It felt so good to be a head of things that we celebrated with a lunch involving chips. I don’t know what happened or what I was thinking but it felt afterwards that my new found world of discipline had collapsed. What had I done? What was I playing at? My self confidence suddenly plummeted and I felt very low. Did this mean that next Monday I would again fail to loss weight?

Well it’s a new day and that was yesterday. I’m back up onto my feet. I’m really starting to panic about my studies now which again compounds the desire to eat but I’m determined to realise progress. I’m taking comfort from the fact that my lifestyle has changed, I am exercising and many of my bad eating habits have ceased over the past number of weeks. I do have to remind myself that whilst my physical weight is important so is so many other aspects of this journey. It’s not all about stones and pounds surely!! I am physically fitter and stronger as a result of this journey and whilst my blood pressure has risen surely my cholesterol must be down!

My weight yesterday: 21.7st (same)

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