Yes for the first time I’ve made my target of three exercise sessions in a week!! I’m delighted and feeling very pleased with myself! Two walks and a session on the bike, and most importantly all for free. No gyms fee’s here… (Actually now that I think about it I hit all my weekly goals)

This week I’ve had the realisation that whilst what I eat is important so is the quantity. This sounds a simple fact but one that I was letting myself avoid. I was telling myself that it was better to eat three bowls of cereal than a plate of chips, and whilst this may be true surely its not helpful to weight loss. I take a lot of comfort from feeling full and when I’m hungry I get agitated and a little panicky. Obviously I’ve conditioned myself over the years to respond like this so here’s to reversing that psychology and behavioural response.

Blood Pressure
Ironically now that I’m living a fairly healthy lifestyle my blood pressure would appear to have soared! I’ve been having weird headaches behind my eyes and strange woozy feelings when I stand and so whilst with a mate I took myself to one of those blood pressure slot machines just to check for the craic. It revealed that it was high, so high that my friend who’s a nurse told me that if I was on her ward she’s be ringing for the doctor. So next Tuesday see’s me talking with my doc. I’ll keep you informed.

Next weeks goals:
*Stay of the “big bad four”
*Exercise a minimum of three times for 20 minutes each time
*Reduce quantity of all foods
*Drink more water – an extra pint a day
*Start daily press ups & sit ups

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