Tell me why I don’t like Mondays…

Yes this “Boom Town Rats” song is very appropriate this morning as I realise that not only have I put two pounds on but I have to tell you about it!!! It doesn’t feel good. I look for excuses why and have found three or four but the honest answer is there was a temporary break down in discipline both on the eating side of things and the exercise side front. I’m disappointed and a little disillusioned but have made the decision to carry on. I complemented this decision by going on a 25 minute walk this morning with Jane.

I’m not sure I like this bloggin about my weight but I recognise that it helps me on the accountability front but also in processing the quagmire of emotions I’m going through.

Thank You!!
I’ve recently received a number of e-mails and messages from people complementing my courage to take on this project and encouraging me to carry on. I want to thank you all I appreciate it!

This weeks goals include
*Stay of the “Big bad four”
*A minimum of 3 excercise sessions.
*A no eating after 8pm except fruit.
*Drink a pint of water a day.

My weight today – 21.7st

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