Tired & Cold…

It’s perhaps not unusual to be tired when starting a new diet and exercise regime, (grumbles with a smile – I mean new lifestyle…) but why am I always cold? I don’t know, it’s perhaps a weird Pete Martin thingy but when I reduce my calorie intake this usually happens. This is evidenced by a hilarious photo of me with Axiom, which unfortunately I’ve lost. We’re in the YFC office, they’re in t-shirts, and I on the Atkins diet at the time have about 5 layers on! Here’s a similar one from the period…
Things have been ok this week, unfortunately I’ve only had one exercise session so I need to catch up and I did have a chip on Monday. To compound this Jane and I are without Children this weekend and the temptation to relax in the odd restaurant or two is immense.

Please don’t say that it’s ok to do this as long as I stick to the healthy options. I know in the cold light of day that’s reasonable but for the moment its not what I want to hear… 🙂

One thought on “Tired & Cold…

  • 11th November 2006 at 10:30 pm

    Hi Pete, Fiona here, just saw your blog when Paul was on the computer. Wanted to let you know I admire your motivation for a life style change, stick at it even though it sucks – your goals are possible.


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