Milestones & Targets

As you can see in the right hand column I thought that it would be helpful to put a bit of pattern to this challenge. I also thought that it would be useful to add some targets. So pictorially talking I will be recording the milestones of progress. So for example I will be posting my weight on Mondays and measuring my body size at the end of every month. Targets are always a motivating thing and I thought they would be useful to bring focus. As you can see I’ve set the target of getting to 20.5st for Christmas, 16st for summer and 14st for next Christmas. Experience has taught me that the first few stone are the easiest hence I expect more weight loss in the first six months than the second. I’ve also read that losing 1 – 2 pounds a week is not an unrealistic target. In my experience I’ve found that on average that’s correct however there are weeks were no weight is lost for no specific reason and there’s others were 4+ pounds can be shed. If we go with 2lbs a week and go with the estimate of me weighing 21.5st and aiming to be 14 here’s how the maths work out.

Total weight loss – 105lbs @ 2lbs per week = 52.5 weeks

Put down as simply as that it looks scary… it’s a mammoth challenge but I believe possible!! Next weeks goals: Stay of the “Big bad four”, 3 excercise sessions, No eating after 8pm except fruit.

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  • 6th November 2006 at 9:14 am

    Incidentally, one of the guys away with us for the weekend revealed that he had lost 13 stone in the last year – phenomenal stuff!


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