Two things are eating at me (pardon the pun). My left foot and shoulder are flaring up in a somewhat painful manner! My shoulder from swimming would you believe and my foot from walking. My physio tells me that in her opinion, my third disk from the top of my spine has collapsed a little and has caught a nerve, which in turn is telling me that my shoulder is hurting. This is due to bad posture; especially whilst driving, helped in no small measure by the fact that for the past decade I’ve drove 25+ thousand miles a year. Whilst I’ve never really bought this theory it is causing me pain but not as mush as her £30 sessional fee. I may try a chiropractor soon. Then there is my foot. This is a reoccurring thing and if I could trade my left foot in I would. It would appear that the tendons (sp) rip easily, and occasionally suffer from a condition where their lubrication (in working mans terms) is highly reduced. Meaning that when they stretch and contract and rub against bones etc it’s painful.

What to do I don’t know but both surely would be under less pressure if I lost weight… the catch but is that I need them to do so! You know something, being fat ain’t no joke. The sooner I’m not the better!

One thought on “Injuries…

  • 5th November 2006 at 3:43 pm

    DON’T GO TO A CHIROPRACTOR PETER! No offence to chiropractors out there, but the approach of physio is much better for your body, I think anyway!


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