Getting real about enthusiasm…

So far today has been a very good day, having managed to say no to the offer of both chips and chocolate. I am delighted to say that I successfully managed to not eat after 8pm last night and all is on track. Typically however I am having to watch that I don’t fall into the classic trap of allowing myself to get carried away with the enthusiasm from such a positive start. I do one 40 minute walk and I’m pushing myself to go back to the gym or do a 40 minute walk everyday. Should I let myself, I guarantee that I would run out of steam in a fortnight and have to face up to yet another failure.

I weighed myself yesterday and struggled with the realisation that I am ½ stone heavier than I thought I was…. I am 21½ stone… if memory serves me correctly and stone has 14 lbs that’s a whopping 301 lbs!!!

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